2. It just keeps getting grosser.

  3. A foul creature approaches.

  4. A brave swordsman.

  5. Making progress on Froglin.

  6. More friends.

  7. Sculpting a friend.

  8. Drawing some gross monsters.

  9. The first race from my guide to the slime men of The Great Maze, Sentient Jellies and Other Races of the One-Eyed God.

    The Tusked
    The Tusked are the best traveled of the underborn, often leaving their lives in The Great Maze to start anew in the surface world.  Their gelatinous bodies are denser and hardier than other races of slime men, which allows them to weather much harsher conditions and explore distant lands.  The Tusked are capable of mimicking many verbal languages by rapidly vibrating their small mouth bones against their tusks.  Often taking on the rolls of sellswords or adventurers, The Tusked have found a home among the world of the surface races.

  10. Sketches